Animal Puzzles Games: Kids & Toddlers free puzzle App Reviews

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Good App for kids learning age of 3~5

Good Application for the kids ages from 3~5.

Great app for toddlers

My son loves it and stays engaged!

It's alright

It's okay but all kid games should be free, if you make an app for kids then that means you should have the kids interest in mind. Stop using kids learning games as money grabs, stop being greedy.


Great app

Fun simple app

My two year old daughter really likes this app



Loved it

I played it with my baby brother and he had fun

Great app

Great app for kids

Game for toddler

My 2 year old really likes it.

Love this game

My kids at work really this game, easy to work with

Good for toddlers!

My daughter is 1 1/2 and she loves this! Highly recommend for all moms who want their kids distracted and learning hehe.

My kid loves it

Great app. My 4 yr old loves it


Nice for kids

My son loves this app

He has such a great time playing this app.

Good app for toddler

My daughter loves it

I’m happy

My daughter loves this game!

Debra Foggie

I love this game it teaches my granddaughter her animals

Love it

My baby love it so much😍😍😍

My kids like it

I let my kids put these puzzle together and the love it

Animal Friends Puzzles

Grandkids love the game. Two year old mastered it quickly. Luv It! CS

Fun interface

My son enjoyed it enough to want more!

Seems ok

I think it really is geared more for the younger end of the 2-5 range. My 5 yr old bored easily. I’m sure the younger kiddos will love it though.

Great app

Great app, my son loves puzzles

Kid loves it

Kid loves it

Great puzzle app

This app is great for young kids and has varying levels for different age groups!

Animal games

My grandson loves these games. He is three and this is perfect problem solving for him

Kids love it

My grandkids love it and I just wish it had more puzzles.


My son loves this game more than television. This is win win on rainy days.

Ok for kids

In app purchases

Positive interaction

Happy music, assistance for children, game directions, colorful. My 2 1/2 year old granddaughter is greatly entertained!


My daughter absolutely loves this app!!

Fun for the little one

My daughter is 21 months and loves this app. Highly recommend :)

Good fun ap

My 2 year old loves it!

Keeps em busy

My son and his friends love the game....keeps them busy until the next puzzle game haha

Fun app

My toddler enjoys playing this app

Worth the play

Kept the three year old busy for a while!


Very colorful and our granddaughter likes it but she has a difficult time dragging the pieces to the correct point.

Fun for little animal lovers

2yr old enjoyed the animals and listening to their sounds.

Good game for kids

Fun for my three year old


Very fun


My Grandson love it!!! He has fun time with this game.


My 2 year son loves this app!

Hours of fun

Great puzzle to keep kids occupied

My three year old loves it

She loves animals and this game is easy for her to use

Great app for kids

My boy loves it.


Great for kids learning body parts.


Fun app


Wonderful app for toddlers


My daughter really enjoys these puzzles!

Free stufff

Goood game

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